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Most of the management practices in place today are ineffective. In fact, according to CPM thought leader, David Axson, in 2008 much of the framework of modern management practices came crashing down. That is why it is more important than ever for business leaders to take a hard look at industry best practices and why others before them have failed at managing their organizations successfully.

In Axson's recent book, The Management Mythbuster," he challenges the effectiveness of long established management practices and conveys the importance of re-evaluating many of the management myths that continue to govern decision making today and presents a realistic new normal road map for successful management today.

Some of the common management myths in question:
  • Organizations missions and visions distinguishing fact from fiction
  • Strategic plans are they really that strategic?
  • Forget success and instead focus on failures and lost opportunities
  • The business of doesn't the truth set you free?
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